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January 25, 2007
Contact: Don Cookson

Signatures Submitted for

An Act to Allow a Tax Credit for College Loan Repayments

AUGUSTA, MAINE – Petitions were delivered this afternoon to the Department of the Secretary of State for the Citizen Initiative known as the Opportunity Maine initiative prior to today’s signature filing deadline. They were submitted by lead applicant Andrew Bossie shortly before 3:00 pm. He indicated that approximately 63,235 signatures are listed on the petitions— the number of valid signatures required is 55,087 (10% of the total votes cast for Governor at the November 7, 2006 Election).

According to Maine law (, “the Secretary of State shall determine the validity of the petition and issue a written decision stating the reasons for the decision within 30 days after the final date for filing the petitions in the Department of the Secretary of State under the Constitution of Maine, Article IV, Part Third, Section 17 or 18.”

The 2007 filing deadline for initiative petitions is January 25, 2007. The Secretary of State must therefore issue a written certification decision by 5:00 pm, February 26, 2007.

The question reads: “Do you want to allow a tax credit for college loan repayments to any taxpayer who earns a future college degree in Maine and continues to live and work in Maine?”