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April 11, 2007
Contact: Don Cookson

Secretary of State Matthew Dunlap Announces Ballot Order of Bond Questions

Ballots headed to printer by end of week

Augusta- Secretary of State Matthew Dunlap utilized a unique commemorative coin in a coin toss to decide the ballot order of two bond questions set to appear on ballots as part of a special election June 12, 2007. “Determining the order of the bond questions was the final step in creation of the ballots to be used in June’s special election. With the order now decided, we have assured that the first absentee ballots can be made ready to voters well in advance of Election Day.”

Question 1 will be the transportation bond. It reads “Do you favor a $112,975,000 bond issue for improvements to highways and bridges, airports, public transit facilities, ferry and port facilities including port and harbor structures and bicycle and pedestrian trails that makes the State eligible for over $260,525,000 in federal and other matching funds?"

Question 2 is related to drinking water issues: "Do you favor an $18,300,000 bond issue to support drinking water programs and to support the construction of wastewater treatment facilities that will leverage $49,500,000 in other funds?"

Between 300,000 and 400,000 ballots are to be printed for statewide distribution. Absentee ballots are expected to be on their way to municipalities by April 27, with the rest to be delivered shortly thereafter. Voters will have as many as 45 days prior to Election Day to make use of an absentee ballot.

The coin Dunlap used was a commemorative medallion that had been commissioned by Representative Charles “Dusty” Fisher for use by the Maine Troop Greeters to welcome home troops from Afghanistan and Iraq. The coin features the State seal on the obverse and the insignias of the branches of the armed forces on the reverse.

Secretary Dunlap continued, “Rep. Fisher’s commemorative coin celebrates military service to our country, and is presented to US troops passing through our state by the Maine Troop Greeters. To me it made perfect sense to use it in relation to the voting process. Protection of the right to vote is something our servicemen and women put their lives on the line for each and every day.”

Representative Fisher was in attendance at today’s event, and said “This was a terrific use of the Maine Troop Greeters coin, and I’m pleased Secretary Dunlap chose it for this purpose. I’m sure the people of Maine understand the importance of exercising their right to vote, just as they understand the valuable service our servicemen and women provide to both our nation and our state.”