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For immediate release
December 18, 2007
Contact: Don Cookson

Secretary of State Matthew Dunlap
Announces “Another Hugely Successful Year”
For Maine State Employees Combined Charitable Appeal
“State employees show their generosity again”

AUGUSTA, ME—Maine Secretary of State Matthew Dunlap announced today that the Maine State Employees Combined Charitable Appeal is nearing 90% of its announced goal of raising $450,000 for charity. The announcement came at the recognition luncheon that marks the official end of the campaign. “Traditionally, contributions continue to come in through the end of the year and beyond, so we’re confident that we will reach our goal,” said Dunlap, who is serving his second year as Chair of the campaign.

MSECCA was begun twenty-eight years ago and has raised over $5 million for charitable organizations around the state, nation and world in that time. “MSECCA provides a convenient vector for Maine state employees to contribute to organizations that strive to make our communities stronger,” continued Dunlap, explaining the payroll deduction mechanism of the campaign. “Employees can give anything from a dollar on up—and they can designate individual charities or have the money distributed equally among the 17 federations that represent over 300 organizations.” Dunlap also explained that employees can donate online through credit card and other one-time mechanisms in addition to payroll deduction.

“Each state agency has volunteers who make this idea a reality,” said Dunlap. “They take on the campaign work in addition to their official duties, and work as more of a family than as a team. They support each other and take great pride in their ability to support organizations that provide all types of community enhancement—from development of children’s art programs to building hiking trails to feeding the hungry, and everything in between. The volunteer effort is extraordinary, energizing and humbling.” Dunlap cited some examples:

When Dept. Leader Cheryl Ramsay realized they were just $403 short of attaining their fundraising goal at the State Library, she sent out an email seeking last minute donations.  One employee promised to match any new pledges dollar-for-dollar.  Money rolled in, pushing the library beyond their lofty goal.  

Volunteers at the Maine Revenue Services must be great bakers, as they raised thousands of dollars through raffles, bake sales, and other events.  The money literally piled up- large amounts of cash needed to be counted and deposited every week, proving that raising money for charity was truly a team effort at DAFS.

Linda Roy, a stellar MSECCA volunteer for the past two years in the Department of Labor, was forced out of work for health related reasons during this year’s campaign. Sensing the need for strong leadership, volunteers Linda Nickerson and Terry Hathaway stepped in, with great results.

Even rookies like First-year volunteer Tammy Chamberlain at the Public Utilities Commission make impressive efforts for MSECCA. Tammy blew everyone away at the first three weekly MSECCA meetings, reached her goal early on, and kept up the enthusiasm down the home stretch, raising a total of 113% of her Department’s goal. 

The Department of Transportation maintained their tradition of holding an annual MSECCA "open house". They invite Augusta-area non-profits to showcase their work in the community.  Their event, coordinated by Theresa Mahaney, is a great opportunity for donors to meet and talk directly with charities and find out about the work they do every day .Another open house, another year of great success for MSECCA in the DOT.

Secretary Dunlap, serving as Chair of the campaign for an unprecedented second year, told attendees “stories like these prove our State employees are committed to making Maine a better place to live- not just by working hard for the people of our State every day, but by proving their generosity toward others as well. I am proud to be associated with such a truly caring group of people.” Over 75 volunteers were on hand at today’s luncheon, which featured the entertaining storytelling of Maine humorist Gary Crocker, as well as an awards presentation to recognize outstanding efforts among MSECCA’s many volunteers.

More information about the MSECCA campaign can be found on line at .