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June 4, 2008
Contact: Don Cookson

Secretary of State Matthew Dunlap Honors Motor Carrier Review Board Member
“George Parke served Maine exceedingly well”

Augusta- Secretary of State Matthew Dunlap joined Tuesday’s regular meeting of the State’s Motor Carrier Review Board (MCRB) to take part in a special ceremony honoring George L. Parke of Bangor, a member of the MCRB for 12 years. “George’s dedication and commitment to the people of Maine have been tremendous assets,” Dunlap said. “His service has made each and every one of us safer on Maine’s roads.”

Parke, who served as vice-chair of the MCRB, “brought tremendous knowledge and understanding of the transportation business to the table,” explained Dunlap, continuing, “George has both worked for and owned transport companies. Through his entire career, safety has been his top priority. I heartily commend and respect him for a job exceedingly well done.”

The seven member MCRB was created in 1996 to help eliminate motor carrier crashes, especially those resulting in fatalities.  The MCRB process is the motor carrier equivalent of a driving record review for individuals. The Board can make recommendations to the Secretary of State for possible administrative actions based upon a motor carrier’s performance, up to and including suspension of a carrier's privilege to operate in Maine.  Any reviewed carrier has rights to a hearing, and to an appeals process.  “The Board's goal is to improve safety, not to punish carriers,” says Garry Hinkley, Director of Motor Vehicle Services for the Bureau of Motor Vehicles. Hinkley continued, “In its’ history, the MCRB has suspended the operating privileges of approximately 25 carriers in Maine as a result of safety concerns. This Board has undoubtedly saved Maine lives and property as a result of their actions.”    

Board members are selected by the Governor with the advice of the Secretary of State. Secretary Dunlap remarked “Although his successor will have some big shoes to fill, I am confident they will succeed, in no small part because of the dedicated work of George Parke.”

The MCRB is part of a unified effort to improve motor carrier and highway safety in Maine.  BMV works closely with the Maine State Police, Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Unit, the Department of Transportation, and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), and the motor carrier industry to collect, organize and use vehicle and driver safety data to focus enforcement on carriers with more significant safety problems.