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> News > Online Registration for Portsmouth Naval Shipyard

June 27, 2008
Contact: Secretary of State’s Office, 626-840

Bureau of Motor Vehicles Creates Online Auto Registration Solution
For Portsmouth Naval Shipyard Military Personnel

Augusta- Things have just gotten a little easier when it comes to registering vehicles for non-resident military personnel stationed at Portsmouth Naval Shipyard (PNS). “Now they can register their vehicles online- something that was unavailable to them previously,” said Secretary of State Matthew Dunlap. “It was an issue brought to our attention by a municipal agent in Eliot, and our staff has done a fantastic job making the necessary adjustments to the system in order to accommodate the needs of these valuable military personnel.”

As the town of Eliot was reducing municipal office staff in a cost-cutting effort, one of the items they pointed to as a justification for that move was their rollout of the Rapid Renewal online vehicle registration services. Because introduction of Rapid Renewal meant fewer walk-in customers, the town determined there was a lesser need for staff to handle customer traffic. Personnel from PNS, however, had no alternative but to visit the Town Office to conduct their business, because online vehicle registration wasn’t available to them.

Dunlap says “Now PNS personnel can log on to the same website used by everyone looking to use Rapid Renewal: . Located at the top of the list of municipalities where Rapid Renewal is available, there is a new entry, under the heading “Non-Resident Military”: Portsmouth Naval Shipyard. After selecting the shipyard from the list, it’s then simply a matter of following the instructions provided.”

Dunlap had high praise for his staff, who made this service available to the PNS Community. “Clarissa Hurley, online services manager for the Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV), took the suggestion of Eliot Municipal Agent Wendy Rawski and ran with it,” Dunlap said. “Clarissa has not only seen this project through to completion, but she’s made certain PNS was in the loop as the project was developed and rolled out.” There is also a link to this new service on the PNS webpage as well: .

Rapid Renewal is a groundbreaking e-commerce service that allows citizens to conduct business with municipal government and state government in one seamless online transaction. Developed in collaboration with InforME, the service has gained national acclaim and has been enthusiastically embraced by Mainers.