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June 9, 2008
Contact: Don Cookson

Secretary of State Dunlap Reminds Mainers To
“Take Part in Our Democracy by Voting”

AUGUSTA, MAINE – Secretary of State Matthew Dunlap is encouraging eligible voters to take part in the June 10th Primary Election tomorrow.  “Maine traditionally leads the way in voter turnout across the country,” Dunlap said. “That’s because Mainers recognize the value, the importance, and the power of their vote. I’m confident many voters will continue that tradition by casting a ballot in Tuesday’s Primary Election.” 

Dunlap explained, “We do everything we can in our State to maximize participation in the electoral process, and there is no reason for a person not to vote. Even if you haven’t registered yet, you can still take part, thanks to Election Day voter registration.” Individuals wishing to register should contact their town office or city hall to learn how to take advantage of this opportunity. Dunlap further explained that individuals who are already registered, but not enrolled in one of Maine’s three officially recognized parties (Democrat, Republican and Green Independent), can still enroll in one of those parties and participate in the Primary Election. (Voters who are already enrolled in a party, however, can not now switch parties to cast a ballot in another party’s Primary Election.)

“Even if you aren’t enrolled in a political party and won’t be helping to choose candidates for the general election in November, there’s still a very good reason for you to head to the polls Tuesday,” Dunlap said, continuing “There’s a statewide referendum question which will be decided, and it impacts every Mainer.” Question one reads ‘Do you favor a $29,725,000 bond issue for natural resource, agricultural and transportation infrastructure that will leverage $29,780,000 in other funds?’” Dunlap indicated, “We have a complete explanation of this bond question on our website, including a detailed breakdown which lists allocations of the bond money, should the question win voter approval. Known as the intent and content statement, it’s produced in conjunction by the offices of the Secretary of State, the Attorney General, and the State Treasurer.” This information is available here:

“I urge everyone who wants to get involved but who may still have questions about any aspect of voting to review the information available in our Maine Voter Guide,” said Dunlap, further stating “The Guide explains eligibility, as well as displaying a sample voter registration card.” The Guide is part of a wealth of information for voters which can be found at the Secretary of State’s website here: .

Dunlap will be making a series of visits to various polling locations throughout the state on Election Day, thanking both the Municipal officials conducting the Elections and the Maine residents who are making the time to participate in the process.