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November 21, 2008
Contact: Don Cookson

State Senate District 19 Recount Concluded

All requested recounts now complete

Augusta- A recount of ballots cast in the State Senate District 19 race has been completed in Augusta today. The recount had been requested by Incumbent Republican Senator Paula Benoit of Phippsburg in her contest against Democratic challenger Seth Goodall of Richmond. Election night results indicated Goodall had prevailed in the contest. The recount results upheld the Election Night outcome, with 11,119 votes for Goodall and 10,957 votes for Benoit.

“The success of the recounts conducted over the past two weeks is a testament to Maine’s strong elections system,” said Secretary of State Matthew Dunlap. “By having paper ballots cast in every race, both statewide and local, we have the ability to provide a solid and verifiable audit of the outcome of any contest, to the ultimate satisfaction of both candidates and voters. I am extremely pleased with the hard work and dedication exhibited by the staff of our Elections Division. They conducted each recount with not just great accuracy, but with a thorough recognition of the importance and value of the recount to people’s faith in our elections. The people of Maine should be proud of what has transpired here in the past several days. The conduct of these recounts, and the results they provided, are further proof Maine’s election process is truly at the top of the class nationwide.”