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August 6, 2009

Three-wheeled Autocycles Authorized for Maine Roads

Effective October 1, Maine residents will be able to title and register enclosed three-wheeled motor vehicles known as autocycles, according to the Maine Secretary of State’s office.

“Autocycles are enclosed, three-wheeled vehicles with a steering wheel and seatbelts which are driven similarly to automobiles, but which have safety features more like motorcycles,” noted Maine’s Secretary of State, Matt Dunlap. “Basically, these are vehicles you sit in and drive like a car, however, for federal safety purposes, these vehicles are rated as motorcycles. It was unclear under Maine law how these vehicles should be treated for registration, inspection, and driver license purposes.”

“The modern autocycle is a new concept,” Dunlap noted. “These vehicles include models ranging from environmentally friendly electric vehicles up to high performance, high tech sports models. The legislature was concerned with safety and how these vehicles would interact in the traffic mix when operated by drivers of varying abilities and experience. At the same time, there was a desire to encourage relatively fuel efficient, affordable transportation options. As a result, autocycles initially will be limited to roads posted for speeds of 45 miles per hour or less. Operators must have a driver’s license, but a motorcycle endorsement is not necessary.”

According to Garry Hinkley, BMV Vehicle Services Director, the autocycle registration fee is twenty-one dollars. First time registrations may be processed only through the BMV main office, either by mail or in person. Renewals may be processed in town offices or BMV branches. Title and inspection requirements are the same as for motorcycles.

For more information, see Public Law 2009 Chapter 55, “An Act Relating to Autocycles”