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Date Headline
May 25, 2012Standard & Poor’s Affirms Maine AA Credit Rating
May 18, 2012Maine Retains Aa2 Credit Rating - Outlook Revised to Negative
June 6, 2011Successful Maine Bond Sale
March 8, 2011State Treasurer Rebuts High-Risk Strategies for $4.3 Billion Pension Debt
December 28, 2010Treasurer Lemoine Wraps-up Six Years in Office
December 1, 2010Treasurer Lemoine Congratulates Treasurer-Elect Poliquin
August 5, 2010Treasurer Lemoine Congratulates The Maine Educational Loan Authority On Its New 7.75% Fixed-Rate Education Loan Option
June 9, 2010Treasurer Lemoine Denounces S&P State Rating Methodology
May 26, 2010Treasurer Lemoine Reports Extraordinary 2010 Bond Sale Results
April 22, 2010Treasurer Lemoine Welcomes “Long-Overdue” Credit Upgrades from Moody’s and Fitch
March 3, 2010Treasurer Lemoine Joins other Institutional Investors in Praising the SEC for Issuing Climate Disclosure Guidance Rules
February 26, 2010State Treasurer David Lemoine releases FY 2011 Municipal Revenue Sharing Projections
January 11, 2010Treasurer Lemoine asks for “All Deliberate Speed” as State Policy Makers seek to Rebalance the State’s Biennial Budget
November 10, 2009Treasurer Lemoine supports Operation Rightful Owner
October 28, 2009October Bond Anticipation Note (BAN) Sale Results
June 9, 2009Treasurer Lemoine issues RFP for Cash Flow Lending Services
June 1, 2009Treasurer Lemoine Reports Results from $133,345,000 June 2009 G.O. Bond Sale
February 20, 2009State Treasurer David Lemoine releases FY 2010 Municipal Revenue Sharing Projections
January 27, 2009Treasurer Lemoine Joins Investors’ Call for a 'Green Recovery'
January 6, 2009Lemoine sworn in for Third Term as State Treasurer
August 28, 2008Treasurer Lemoine Announces Agreement with Merrill Lynch
August 6, 2008Treasurer Lemoine to Host National Association of State Treasurers' Conference
July 30, 2008Treasurer Lemoine Reports Fiscal Year 2008 Cash Pool earnings – Mainsail II status
May 23, 2008Treasurer Lemoine Reports 2008 Bond Sale as “Exceptionally Strong.”
May 16, 2008Bond Rating Agencies Maintain State’s Credit Ratings and Stable Outlook
May 15, 2008State Treasurer Lemoine to hold Retail Bond Sale
May 12, 2008PFM Asset Management to serve as Cash Pool Investment Consultant
April 30, 2008Treasurer Lemoine Posts Downloadable Financial Literacy Teacher Training Seminars on Website
April 8, 2008Treasurer Lemoine Commemorates Financial Literacy Day in Maine
April 4, 2008Mainsail II Receiver Appointed, Lemoine excludes Merrill Lynch from Bond deals
March 4, 2008Treasurer Lemoine Urges Rating Agencies to Apply the Same Ratings Scale to State and Corporate Bonds
February 1, 2008Treasurer Lemoine Congratulates City of Springfield
December 12, 2007Treasurer Lemoine Speaks to Appropriations and Financial Affairs committee regarding Mainsail II investment
December 11, 2007Bonny Eagle High School Students Represent Maine in Financial Football Competition
December 11, 2007Bonny Eagle High School Students Represent Maine in Financial Football Competition
November 30, 2007Mainsail Fact Sheet
September 24, 2007Maine to host 2008 conference for the National Association of State Treasurers
June 22, 2007State Treasurer David Lemoine releases FY 2008 Municipal Revenue Sharing Projections
May 29, 2007Bond Rating Agencies Cite Maine’s Strengthening Economy, Improving Fiscal Operations, and Favorable Debt Position as Credit Strengths: Bond Sale Exceptionally Strong
May 14, 2007State Treasurer Lemoine to hold Retail Bond Sale
May 11, 2007Moody’s Maintains Maine’s Aa3 Bond Rating, Cites Improving Fiscal Operations
April 10, 2007Maine and Vermont State Treasurers support National Policy on Global Warming
April 4, 2007The State of Maine Office of the State Treasurer issues Request for Proposal for Unclaimed Property Recovery Services
March 20, 2007Treasurer Lemoine Joins Nationwide Coalition of Institutional Investors Calling on Congress to Tackle Global Climate Change
February 5, 2007Treasurer Lemoine Applauds NextGen College Investing Plan Fee Reductions and Programs Enhancements
January 10, 2007Treasurer Lemoine Sworn in for 2nd Term
July 12, 2006Treasurer Lemoine advocates for nationwide Tax Parity and an end to parochial tax breaks for state-sponsored 529 College Savings Plans
June 28, 2006Treasurer Lemoine Joins Governor Baldacci, Representative Tim Driscoll and Representative Ed Finch in Highlighting New Maine Tax Breaks on Student Loans and More Funding for Higher Education in Maine
June 7, 2006Treasurer Lemoine - Maine Bond Sale Strong in Otherwise Choppy Market
June 5, 2006Treasurer Lemoine - 3rd Bond Rating Agency Confirms Maine’s “Conservative Debt Practices”
June 1, 2006Treasurer Dave Lemoine Reports Stable “AA” Credit Rating from Fitch Ratings
May 26, 2006Moody's Maintains Maine's Aa3 Bond Rating, Cites Improving Fiscal Condition
January 25, 2006Divesting from Sudan
January 9, 2006Barbara Raths Named Deputy Treasurer
November 9, 2005State Treasurer Dave Lemoine Launches New State-of-the-Art Website and Calls upon Prospective Recipients of Recently Passed Bond Authorizations to submit their Phase One Budgets and Timelines as Soon as Possible
October 27, 2005Treasurer Lemoine to Appear on WCSH's "207" Tonight
October 13, 2005TD Banknorth Awarded State of Maine Banking Contract
October 13, 2005State Treasurer David Lemoine To Address New England Public Finance Conference
September 1, 2005State Treasurer David Lemoine Addresses Mexican Government and Finance Officials
May 24, 2005Moody's Rating Changes to Aa3