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Claims Management Unit

Deborah Morton, Supervisor 287-7053

The Claims Management Unit operates under a “case management” system.  Individual claims managers process the file from start to finish.  The insurance carriers, claims administrators and self-insured employers benefit from having a single contact in the Claims Management Unit.

Training Modules may be found here.


The Weekly Benefit Table is required to determine the WCR for Dates of injury prior to 12/31/2012.

For Injuries on or after 01/01/2013, the WCR is calculated as the AWW times two divided by three.


Weekly Benefit Tables

Instructions on Inside Cover of Benefit Tables (RTF)

2014 Benefit Table (RTF)

2013 Benefit Table (RTF)

2012 Benefit Table (RTF)

2011 Benefit Table (RTF)

2010 Benefit Table (RTF)

2009 Benefit Table (RTF)

2008 Benefit Table (RTF)

2007 Benefit Table (RTF)

2006 Benefit Table (RTF)

2005 Benefit Table (PDF)

2004 Benefit Table (PDF)

2003 Benefit Table (PDF)


Cost of Living Adjustments Effective 7/1/14

Permanent Impairment Rating

State Average Weekly Wage Effective 7/1/14