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EDI Proof of Coverage Information

The State of Maine Workers’ Compensation Board no longer accepts the paper WCB-1A as a form of filing Proof of Coverage effective August 22, 2009. All Proof of Coverage notifications must be sent via EDI using the IAIABC Standards Proof of Coverage (POC) Release 2.1.

Any WCB1-A form received will not be updated in the Workers' Compensation database.

Any new trading partner must complete the Trading Partner Documents as the first step in the testing process.  

The forms below have Maine specific information for EDI POC data elements based on IAIABC standards of POC Release 2.1.

POC Element Requirement Table- The Element Requirement Table contains all of the data elements that the Maine Workers' Compensation Board accepts. This table also includes the severity of each element for each triplicate code. You will also find conditional requirements in this table.

POC Event Table -The Event Table will provide trigger criteria for each triplicate code. The table also provides the timelines for when each type of transaction should be sent based on the event that is being triggered.

POC Edit Matrix Table -The Edit Matrix Table is a table which includes applied editing based on the IAIABC standards and Maine's POC data requirements.

Please direct any questions or comments in regards to the above information to Paul Fortier by e-mail or by phone at 207-287-3818.

POC EDI Error List - This list contains all of the active errors that can appear on a POC acknowledgement report.

Implementation Guides

The Maine POC EDI Implementation Guide is provided to assist insurance carriers with Maine specific information regarding Electronic Data Reporting to the State of Maine Workers' Compensation Board.

The IAIABC POC R2.1 Implementation Guide provides detailed information regarding system information, code tables, scenarios, data elements, etc.
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