LUPC Application Forms

The application forms listed below may be used to apply to the Commission for a permit for various structures and uses. If you are uncertain which forms you will need to submit for a particular project, contact our office in Augusta or one of our regional offices for guidance before you begin filling out any paperwork.

The application schedule of fees can be found in the LUPC's Chapter 1.

Laws and Rules
Complete List of Application Forms
Click here for a complete list of applications.
Top ten application list
Most Common Forms
These are the most commonly used application forms for permitting.
Forestry Activity Applications
Forestry Activities
Choose a form for Forestry Operation Notification
Roads, Bridges, and Utilities Application Forms
Roads, Bridges, and Utilities
Choose a form for activities including roads, bridges, utilities and windpower.
Shoreland Uses and Alterations
Shoreland Uses and Alterations
Choose a form for shoreland activities
Supplement Forms
Supplement Forms
Choose a form for S-1, S-2, S-3, S-4, S-5 or S-6.
Water Impoundments and Hydropower
Water Impoundments and Hydropower
Choose a form for hydro activities