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Within this Webinar area, you will find an ever expanding library of documentation and visual walkthroughs of the Maine Immunization Information System/Registry, ImmPact. These guides are meant to serve as a real world example and tutorial for how to perform business within ImmPact.

This page will host the combination of documents found. The items on the left will also navigate you to the same subset, but are broken down more specifically to the coverage area. Either way will get you to the same documents but we realize people generally prefer one of the other, so we included both.

Webinars (Youtubes opens in a new window)

Title Written Guide Webinar FAQ

Provider Agreement

Provider Agreement 2011 Instructions (Microsoft Word*) 02/08/2011 (Youtube)  
Manage Site

Instructions (Microsoft Word*)

05/17/2011 (Youtube)  
Manage Clinicians Instructions (Microsoft Word*) 05/17/2011 (Youtube)  
Manage Providers Instructions (Microsoft Word*) 05/17/2011 (Youtube)  
Complete Contract      

Client Management

Client Search Instructions (Microsoft Word*) 05/17/2011 (Youtube)  
Add Client Instructions (Microsoft Word*) 06/06/2011 (Youtube)  
Edit/Update Profile Instructions (Microsoft Word*) 06/06/2011 (Youtube)  
Edit/Update Resp. Person Instructions (Microsoft Word*) 10/26/2009 (Youtube)  
Administer Vaccine Instructions (Microsoft Word*)    
Add/Update Historical Doses Instructions (Microsoft Word*)    

Vaccine Management

Mass immunization module Instructions (Microsoft Word*) 11/01/2010 (Youtube)  
Cold Chain Instructions (Microsoft Word*) 11/01/2010 (Youtube)  
NPI roster Billing   11/01/2010 (Youtube)  
Reconciliation - Aggregate Instructions (Microsoft Word*) 02/07/2011 (Youtube)  
Reconcile - Per Dose      
Ordering Instructions (Microsoft Word*) 04/05/2011 (Youtube)  


Immunization Coverage Report Instructions (Microsoft Word*)    

School Located Vaccine Clinic

First steps Instructions (Micrososft Word*) 08/2012 (Youtube)  
Scenario 1 Instructions (Micrososft Word*) 08/2012 (Youtube)  
Scenario 2 Instructions (Micrososft Word*) 08/2012 (Youtube)  
Final steps Instructions (Micrososft Word*) 08/2012 (Youtube)  

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