Spruce Budworm in Maine

What is Spruce Budworm?

  • Native insect
  • Eats needles of fir and spruce trees
  • Population either very high or very low
  • 40 year cycle in sync with maturing of fir & spruce
  • Kills trees by eating all the needles year after year

Spruce Budworm Prognosis:

  • Noticeable defoliation in Maine in 2-4 years
  • Will kill trees and reduce growth
  • Perhaps not as severe as last outbreak
    • Trees are younger
    • Not as contiguous across the landscape
    • Infestations may be shifting north

Spruce Budworm Photos

Population Indicators

Spruce Budworm Population Indicators: Maine 1955-2013

Trap Catches

2013 Pheromone Trap Catches

Maine's Strategy for Spruce Budworm

Presentations from NERCOFE Workshop on March 10-11, 2014:
“Maine’s Strategy for the Coming Spruce Budworm Outbreak” / “GIS/GPS Technology for Foresters”

Day 1
Brown Needles: Lessons from the SBW Outbreak of the 70s & 80s (PDF 1.55MB) - Lloyd Irland, The Irland Group
Human Response Life Cycle: How it Shaped Everything in Maine Forestry for the Past 40 Years (PDF 4.56MB) - Bob Wagner, University of Maine
Outbreak Status, Monitoring and Available Control Measures (PDF 1.82MB) - Dave Struble, Maine Forest Service
Potential Wood Supply Impacts (PDF 3.01MB) - Bob Wagner, University of Maine
Likely Economic Impacts (PDF 520KB) - Eric Kingsley, Innovative Natural Resource Solutions
Forest Management Responses (PDF 1.93MB) - John Bryant, American Forest Management
Policy & Regulatory Implications (PDF 976KB) - Patrick Strauch, Maine Forest Products Council
Communications Needs (PDF 817KB) - Mark Doty, Plum Creek

Day 2
LiDAR Mapping (PDF 1.87MB) – Zack Parisa
Forester Applications – Ethics of Technology (PDF 8.80MB) - David Hodge, Katahdin Forest Management
Regulatory Compliance (PDF 9.68MB) - Tom Whitworth, Maine Forest Service
GPS Accuracies in the Field (PDF 973KB) - A. Richard Vannozzi, University of New Hampshire
Use of GPS in Emergency Situations Related to Forestry (PDF 2.66MB) - Carter Stone, US Government Consultant, USAID
Applications of GIS & GPS in Forest Operations (PDF 1.09MB) - UMaine Students