Environmental Trends Dashboard

  • green A green circle indicates a positive condition or trend
  • yellow A yellow square indicates the condition or trend has not changed over time
  • red A red pentagon indicates a negative condition or trend

How’s the environment in Maine? What is the Maine Department of Environmental Protection doing to make it better? Has the Department observed any results from the regulations that have been in effect, the environmental assistance that has been rendered to the public and businesses and the environmental monitoring that has been performed?

These are questions often asked of DEP staff. The "Environmental Trends Dashboard" provides information about trends for some key environmental issues important to the quality of life in Maine. The "indicators" chosen have specific scientific data tracked over a period of time, which helps to show a trend in that topic area. Clicking on an indicator will provide additional information.

As additional annual data becomes available, it will be added to this dashboard. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Environmental Trends Dashboard
Indicator Current Condition Trend
Air Quality
Ozone All regions of the state are meeting the lower 2008 ozone National Ambient Air Quality Standard. trend improving
Regional Haze Current monitoring shows that Class I areas in Maine have regional haze conditions better than the State Implementation Plan modeling glide path. trend improving
Benzene Concentrations Benzene concentrations continue to be above the ambient air guideline during the winter. trend improving
Greenhouse Gas (GHG) The State is currently meeting the GHG goals established by Maine law. trend improving
Water Quality
Combined Sewer Overflows Annual volume discharged has declined by nearly 30 million gallons per inch of precipitation over the past decade. trend improving
Healthy Beach Days Based on bacteria monitoring at Maine’s coastal swimming beaches, this indicator shows the relationship between total beach days and healthy swimming days. trend improving
Lake Clarity Maine lakes continue to be some of the finest in the country and we are fortunate that most of them are considered *Stable* in terms of trophic state based on statisitical analyses. trend improving
Invasive Aquatic Plants The volume and geographic scope of public waters screened for invasive aquatic plants have increased each year since the data has been collected. trend improving
Pounds of Electronics Collected There is a continued upward trend in the collection of electronic waste, successfully diverting these products from disposal to reuse and recycling. trend improving
Municipal Sludge - Beneficially Used Wastewater treatment plant sludge was beneficially reused at a rate of 75% in 2012, diverting this material from disposal and conserving valuable landfill space. trend improving
Brownfield Sites Completed Clean-ups under the Federal Brownfields Grants program have been increasing in Maine, but the number of projects in coming years could be affected by more limited Federal Grant monies. trend improving
Petroleum Contaminated Sites Closed The number of newly reported oil discharges requiring long-term remediation varies year to year, while the number of long-term petroleum remediation sites completed and closed depend on the number of new sites, site complexity and the resources the Department can devote to this task. trend improving
Municipal Solid Waste - Recycled Maine residents, municipalities and commercial businesses recycled 40% of the municipal solid waste they generated in 2012. trend improving