Policy Unit

Regulatory and Rulemaking Policy and Development

The Unit is responsible for all regulatory and rulemaking policy and development. Activities associated with this role include writing rules, assistance with the rule development process, preparation for and holding rulemaking meetings, providing public notice of rulemaking and explaining the rules to the public. The Department is committed to providing the public opportunities to comment on rulemaking and other initiatives by updates and the schedule on the rulemaking page. Contact: Mike Karagiannes, (207) 287-7024.

Policy and Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) Development

The Unit is responsible for development, updating and implementation of policies and SOPs for the Department.

Records Management and Freedom of Access

The Unit develops and implements records management policies and schedules, and manages Freedom of Access (FOA) requests and responses. The Unit ensures requests for public records are handled in a timely manner.

DEP’s FOA Coordinator Andrea Lani at (207) 287-5902 may be able to help find available information or, if necessary, assist with a formal FOA request. In this case, it may take some time to make requested documents available. There may also be charges involved for staff time spent producing records. Please visit here for general information on Maine’s Freedom of Access Act.

Legislative Activities

The Unit develops and implements the Department’s legislative agenda, and communicates with the legislature on issues relevant to our mission. It is also the Unit’s responsibility to communicate with Department staff on legislative developments and to ensure implementation of new laws. Contact: Heather Parent, (207) 287-7830

Legal Activities

The Unit is responsible for coordinating with the staff and the Attorney General’s office on legal issues, including enforcement and compliance initiatives.

The cornerstone of the Department’s compliance programs is our long-standing commitment to close monitoring and equitable enforcement of our laws. There is a proud tradition of taking our environmental laws seriously, and an unwavering expectation from Maine people that we will enforce those laws. As a result, DEP maintains compliance programs that we understand rival any other in the country for consistency, and for timely and appropriate responses to noncompliance. Contact: Peter Carney (207) 287-4305