About the Maine Geological Survey

The Maine Geological Survey provides the people and businesses of Maine with essential geologic information about the land where we live and work. Our experienced geologists collect and summarize information about groundwater, mineral resources, surface deposits and bedrock materials, stability of coastal properties, and natural hazards such as storms, floods, landslides, and earthquakes. We continually expand and improve this information, which is presented in thousands of free web pages, and thousands of maps and publications, available both as free digital downloads and in paper formats. Professional geologists in the private sector depend on this information to address issues of engineering safety, environmental impact, and natural resource development and protection. We also serve homeowners and landowners who want to understand their geologic surroundings to make decisions about the highest and best use of their property.

Maine is blessed with beautiful and complex geology, which contributes significantly to the "quality of place" that attracts visitors and has sustained generations of locals. Many of our web pages highlight the geology of some of Maine's treasured outdoor places, in hopes that by gaining a deeper understanding, the students and citizens of Maine will better appreciate and care for the place where we live.

Contact Information

Maine Geological Survey
93 State House Station
Augusta, Maine 04333

Phone: (207) 287-2801
Fax: (207) 287-2353
E-mail: mgs@maine.gov

Office Hours

Monday - Friday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, except holidays.

Directions to the Maine Geological Survey

The Maine Geological Survey is located in the Williams Pavillion on the grounds of the Eastside Campus of government buildings in Augusta, Maine. Handicapped access and parking is from the driveway to the east of the Gym.

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Campus Map

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Name Program Responsibilities E-mail
Robert G. Marvinney Bureau Administration Bureau Director, GIS applications, bedrock geology robert.g.marvinney@maine.gov
Aline Smith Bureau Administration Administrative staff aline.smith@maine.gov
Henry Berry Geological Survey Bedrock geology, economic geology, education henry.n.berry@maine.gov
Stephen Dickson Geological Survey Coastal hazards, seafloor geology, dredging, dunes, bluffs, landslides, education, permit reviews stephen.m.dickson@maine.gov
Christian Halsted Geological Survey Program management, cartography, GIS applications, Bibliography of Maine Geology, publications, web site christian.h.halsted@maine.gov
Robert Johnston Geological Survey Water well database, general geologic information, GIS, cartography robert.a.johnston@maine.gov
Daniel Locke Geological Survey Sand and gravel aquifers, permit review daniel.b.locke@maine.gov
Peter Slovinsky Geological Survey Beach erosion, sea level inundation mapping, coastal GIS atlas, community resiliency, shoreline change mapping, beach and current surveying peter.a.slovinsky@maine.gov
Woodrow Thompson Geological Survey Surficial geology, mineralogy, mineral collecting, education woodrow.b.thompson@maine.gov
Susan Tolman Geological Survey GIS, cartography, computer graphics, web pages susie.tolman@maine.gov
Thomas Weddle Geological Survey Surficial geology, ground water thomas.k.weddle@maine.gov

Maps, Publications, and Data

The Maine Geological Survey publishes a wide variety of geologic maps and reports. Recent efforts at the Survey have focused on providing geologic maps online as PDF files. Visit our new publications search page to search geographically or by subject for geologic publications and topographic maps.

Geologic Outreach

Staff geologists are available to answer questions from the public via e-mail and telephone. Contact us for more information.

Geologic Reference Library

Our in-house geologic library contains a variety of information about the geology of Maine. Published information from state, federal, and private agencies has been collected and cataloged. The library also contains a wide range of open-file and unpublished maps, progress reports, theses, dissertations, and recent geology journals. The library is available to the public during normal office hours, but materials may not be removed from the office. Advance notice is recommended.

Aerial Photographs

We have two sets of U.S. Department of Agriculture aerial photographs covering Maine, a set at a scale of 1:20,000 from the 1960's and a set at a scale of 1:40,000 from the late 1970's. These photos are available for use at the Maine Geological Survey during office hours.

Maine Mineral Collection

A display and reference collection of rocks and minerals is open to the public during office hours. The rock and mineral collection contains specimens from localities in Maine and elsewhere in the country.

Core Repository

The core repository currently contains rock cores from several localities including a tin prospect in the Winslow-Vassalboro area (Billiton Metals and Ores USA), northern Maine (Great Northern Paper Company), the Bald Mountain and Mount Chase base metal prospect areas, copper-zinc deposits in Hancock County, several Aroostook County targets (Chevron Resources and Superior Mining), various manganese prospects in Aroostook County (U. S. Bureau of Mines), pegmatite explorations in Oxford County, and the Union-Warren area near the nickel deposit (Knox Mining Company). See the Core Repository and Exploration Records webpage for additional information.

Last updated on September 16, 2013