Tips, Hints, & Help

Completing the Survey

  • You now may choose to Hide or Show last year's data. We recommend Show because seeing last years information gives you a reference point to start from.
  • All fields have to be filled in.
  • It is important to read the data definitions. These definitions will help you in determining what information is being asked for, how to answer accurately, and ensure all libraries are interpreting these questions the same way. If the number next to each data element is blue and underlined, it is a clickable link to the definition. Data Definitions can also be found under the Instructions tab when you login to Bibliostat.
  • Use N/A only if a question is not applicable. Not applicable means that you do not collect the data or do not have access to it.
  • Report 0 when the data is normally counted but there was no activity to report for that data element. For example, adult programs are normally counted but last year there were no adult programs.
  • All edit checks must be annotated or the survey cannot be submitted. Edit checks occur if a number is out of range or very different than the year before. A brief explanation is all that is needed to "pass" an edit check. See the explanation for the note icon below. This is where youll type your explanations.
  • Some data fields are prefilled. If you need to change the information, you simply click on that field and make the change.
  • To the right of each data field there is a flag icon Remind yourself that you need to check, complete or return to the questionand a note icon Attach a note to an item. The flag button is for your benefit (i.e. a reminder to check a figure, can unclick anytime). If you need to annotate an edit check, click on the note icon.
  • If you want a description of a data element, click on the linked number and a definitions box (now titled "Help for section...") will open.  The entire definition list can be printed from the Instruction tab with the introductory letter.
  • When you move from one screen to another, your data is automatically saved. To save and stay on the same page, click the Save button. You may have to scroll down to the bottom of your screen to see the Save button.

How to Do the Edits (under Status tab)

  • Click on the Status tab to View All Edit Checks for Review. Your edits in red will be listed.
  • To the right of each edit you will see a faint picture of a flag and a note. To annotate the edit, click on the note and a separate box will pop up. Type in an explanation to answer the edit. Click okay. Then click Submit Corrections. The red text should turn green.
  • Under Status you also have a tab to see all Flagged Questions. These are items you flagged to look at later. If you have flagged questions, make sure you check them.
  • Also check Unanswered Questions under the Status tab. All questions must be filled in, even if its just N/A or the survey won't submit.
  • After you have answered all the edits, checked the flagged and unanswered questions, its a good idea to print a copy of your report before you submit it.

Printing Reports (Printing tab)

  • Click on the Printing tab.  Set Printing Preferences and choose either Show Web Report or Show PDF Report.

Submitting Your Report (Status tab)

  • Once you have made sure all questions are filled and your edits are annotated, you can choose the Status on the top navigation, then Submit Survey tab. Click Submit Survey button after reviewing that you completed everything. 
  • If you have not filled in all the fields or answered the edits in the notes, it will not allow you to submit your survey.
  • If everything was completed correctly, the program will come up with a message that tells you that your report was submitted successfully.
  • If you don't get that message, then your report did not go through.
  • Once you submit your report, your data becomes locked.
  •  If you have cause to change some of your information, you need to contact Jenny Melvin to unlock your report.
    State Data Coordinator
    207-947-8336 ext 116 or 1-800-427-8336
  • If you don't submit your report, we have no way of knowing it is complete.


  • This program has a 30 minute timeout. You will be logged out if you do not use the program for 30 minutes.
  • The F5 button on your keyboard will refresh (reset) the page.

How to Handle E-rate on the Annual Report

Section 3.5: How to report E-rate funds received on your annual report per Jared Leadbetter, E-rate Coordinator

  • For libraries that receive E-rate discounts for telephone service: If you file a BEAR form, the amount of that reimbursement check should be included in section 3.5. in Bibliostat Collect. If you receive discounts on your bill, do not report information here.
  • For libraries that use MSLN for Internet: Do not include any "value of" dollar amounts related to that connection. Libraries are not directly receiving and/or paying funds for this connection.
  • Definition for this 3.5: This includes all federal government funds distributed to public libraries for expenditure by the public libraries, including federal money distributed by the state.

If you have technical problems with the Bibliostat program contact Jenny Melvin ( first. If she cant help you, she will contact Bibliostat Product Support at: 1-866-785-9935.