SCOOP Purchasing Cooperative

July 1, 2012 - June 30, 2015

Access the SCOOP Purchasing Cooperative

SCOOP loginAccess this password protected site for the current catalog. [A login dialog box to the site will appear but it may be behind opened web pages.]

If you don't know the username and password or need help, please call the Maine State Library or your consultant [right sidebar].

All members of the Maine Regional Library System are SCOOP Members:

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Please use the online form to help us track any issues related to SCOOP. One of the district consultants will contact you to follow up.
Vendors for the Scoop Contract 2012 - 2015
Audio Editions Print & Multimedia
Baker & Taylor Print & Multimedia
Bookazine Print
Bound to Stay Bound Books, Inc. Print
Brodart Co. Furniture, Equipment & Supplies
Brodart Co. Print
Davidson Titles, Inc. Print & Multimedia
DEMCO, Inc. Furniture, Equipment & Supplies
Findaway World Multimedia
Gaylord Bros, Inc. Furniture & Supplies
Hammerhead Technology
Highsmith Furniture, Equipment & Supplies
Ingram Library Services, Inc. Print & Multimedia
The Penworthy Company. Print & Multimedia
Perma-Bound Books Print & Multimedia
Small Dog Electronics Technology
The Network Trainers and Managers Technology
Tucker Library Interiors, LLC Furniture

Mission Statement

The purpose of the purchasing cooperative known as SCOOP is to help member libraries purchase specified materials at the best possible price and in a timely manner. The types of items included are those typically kept in stock by traditional print, multi-media, library furniture, equipment and supply wholesalers who sell to libraries and bookstores. This coop does not include subscriptions or any materials that require a license.

This contract, the Cooperative includes libraries in Maine, New Hampshire and the Green Mountain Library Consortium in Vermont. The Maine Regional Library System includes over 1,000 public, school, special, and academic libraries. Over 700 New Hampshire libraries and 140 Vermont libraries are participating in this contract.

Vendor Requirements

Requirements for ALL Vendors:

  • Discounts must be greater than those published in vendor's catalog and/or vendor's standard library discount.
  • Surcharges are not acceptable.
  • All ordering, shipping and invoicing will be from and to individual libraries unless other arrangements are made with the participants.
  • Inside delivery is required.
  • If invoices are not shipped with items, packing slips must be enclosed.
  • Only vendors offering the same discount to all SCOOP members will be included.
  • All return shipping and carrying charges for defective items are to be paid by the vendor.

Additional Requirements for Print and Multi-media Vendors:

  • Free shipping must be included on all orders including standing orders. No exceptions.
  • Member libraries may set up multiple accounts if they choose in order to meet their individual book-keeping needs. Discounts must be the same for all accounts.
  • Vendor will be held strictly responsible for furnishing new and perfect publications and will be required to replace any damaged or defective publications without cost to the ordering library, regardless of pre-processing or library markings.

Additional Requirements for Furniture, Equipment and Supply Vendors:

  • Vendor will be held strictly responsible for furnishing new and perfect items and will be required to replace any damaged or defective items without cost to the ordering library.

SCOOP Responsibilities

SCOOP will maintain a list of its members on the Maine Regional Library System’s website. SCOOP assumes no responsibility for any business transaction between participating libraries and vendors.

Individual Library Responsibilities

All ordering, shipping, and invoicing will be from and to individual libraries. Individual libraries must contact a chosen vendor to establish a new account , specifying that it is a SCOOP member and citing that vendor’s bid number. Failure to do so may result in a library’s not receiving the full SCOOP discount. Carefully note exclusions and details for individual vendors. Since it is impossible to provide the details of all vendor processing and shipping terms, it is incumbent on the individual library to verify these when setting up an account. School librarians are reminded that this discount is intended for purchase of materials for the library - not for teachers.